WCB White Collar Boxing offers working professionals a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to live out their Boxing dream – whether you are a complete Beginner, Novice, Martial Artist, or former Amateur that always wanted that Championship belt! A winner of several awards, we stage premium White Collar Boxing events at some of London’s most prestigious venues, delivering a unique and classy experience that is undefeated in today’s market!


Unlike our competitors, WCB is unique in that it focuses principally on one thing – YOU! We make every provision to make you feel like a PRO/CELEBRITY BOXER throughout the process – which includes giving you choices on when and where to train, which charity you would like to support, through to who you would like in your corner, what attire you would like to wear and what music you would like to come out to!


Let's face it - White Collar Boxing is a dangerous Sport. Unlike some competitors, WCB take a more personal approach to ensure you are ready and most importantly - SAFE. We monitor your progress via regular assessment, where you will get the chance to test your boxing skills and gain feedback from our experienced Coaches. We work with some of the best Boxing Gyms around London to help you become the best version of yourself. Respect your safety and don't be a product!


Our White Collar Boxing events boast as being the slickest and most professional on offer in today’s market to ensure your fans and supporters in attendance feel just as special as you! With a combination of Standard Seating, Balcony Seating, Ringside and VIP Ringside in the WORLD FAMOUS HOME OF BRITISH BOXING – YORK HALL - you and your entourage will almost certainly feel compelled to enjoy the whole event.


WCB make every provision to make your fight as exhilarating, yet safe as those you’ve seen on TV. This includes commissioning a team of officials such as a Master of Ceremonies, professional Referee, qualified Medical team, independent Judge, timekeeper and option to use one of our experienced Coaches in your corner. You will walk out to your own music with a crowd cheering you on with a multitude of lights and special effects as you step through those ropes! After your contest, you will be interviewed in the ring by our Master of Ceremonies, before joining your friends and family in the audience.


Unlike many of our competitors, we will support you step-by-step to take your Boxing experience as far as you desire. We offer returning participants the opportunity to climb the rankings and fight for our ultimate prize – the magnificent WCB championship belt! With our coveted Championship titles up for grabs in twelve weight divisions, you will have the chance to become one of our star front runners on future shows, testing yourself to the max to win, then defend your belt. Do you have what it takes to challenge one of our Champions?





  • 5 Old Ford Rd, London E2 9PJ
  • Doors open 5:30pm | First fight 6:30pm | Last fight 10:30pm
  • Standard £30 | Balcony £40 | Ringside £45 | Ringside First £55.
York Hall - The
A white collar boxing evening in York Hall, known as the "British Home of Boxing."


1. RESPECT – Show a respectful and sportsman-like attitude at all times to every member of the team and our other participants, including to your opponent.
2. HONESTY – Be honest and ‘help us help you’ by regularly feeding back on your progress and ticket sales.
3. INTEGRITY – We expect our participants to follow our rules and conditions at all times, both during the build up to, and during the event.
4. COMMITMENT – We expect you to train hard, and compete hard – attending as many training sessions as possible, and our three checkpoint sessions.
Yes, absolutely. At least 50% of our participants on each show have never boxed before, therefore you will be among like-minded professionals who share the same goal. We also have years of experience in guiding complete novices through the process.
1. Like our Facebook page to keep you up-to-date with the latest news.
2. Pay a deposit of £200 (to cover the initial costs of setting up your fight).
3. Buy the required equipment in preparation for your fight (16oz gloves, gumshield, boxing boots, trunks and groin guard).
4. Commit to train 2-3 times a week (we recommend a combination of Boxing, and fitness/conditioning training).
5. Attend at least THREE checkpoint sessions (which we will set up), and keep us up to date with your progress via messages and videos.
6. Use our JustGiving page to sponsor a charity, with a target to raise at least £50.
7. Sell at least £600 of tickets to friends and family. After completion of your fight, your deposit will be refunded.
8. Follow our company values at all times (see above).
From working with advisors from Boxing England and the British Boxing Board of Control, our safety procedures have become some of the most comprehensive in UK Boxing. Upon arrival on fight night, you will box subject to passing a full medical screening; Your fight will be monitored by a qualified professional referee (to ensure your safety), along with a qualified medical team observing at ringside. Whilst injuries are extremely rare, an ambulance is always kept on site ready to escalate any danger of serious injury.
Upon payment of your deposit, our highly experienced team will spend the forthcoming weeks ensuring you are matched to an opponent of similar size, weight and boxing ability, which you will be introduced to (and shake hands with) on fight night. All participants will compete under an adaption of the classic Queensbury boxing rules, using bespoke 16oz contest gloves, and are required to use pre-fitted mouth guards, boxing boots, groin guards and head guards.
Non-title contests are scheduled over 3 x 2 minute rounds, with one minute of rest in-between rounds. Championship contests are held over 5 x 2 minute rounds, again with one minute rest in-between. We therefore estimate that you will be in the ring for no more than 15-20 minutes (subject to the length of the fight).
1. We make a pledge to treat you like a person, not a number – this shows in our engagement with you at every step in the process.
2. We let you make the important choices – including where and when you would like to train, what charity you would like to support, who you would like in your corner, what attire you would like to compete in, and various seating options.
3. We give you the chance to train in a REAL Boxing Gym and fight in a REAL Boxing Venue!
4. Our biggest priority is you – therefore, we take every step to match you against the ‘right’ opponent, and to ensure that your experience is a SAFE one.
All accepted applicants/participants must be at least 18 years of age.
Standard (unreserved seat): £30
Balcony (unreserved seat): £40
Ringside (reserved seat): £45
Ringside first row (first row reserved seat): £55



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Championship Fight
Charity Fight


Before applying, make sure to read our FAQ.
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By signing up to an WCB event you are agreeing to the following:

  1. I am over the age of 18.
  2. I agree to transfer within 7 days an advance payment of £200 (the “Deposit”) and to sell a minimum of £600 of tickets (the "Minimum Payment) to people willing to attend the event.
  3. I agree to raise a minimum of £50 using a WCB’s JUSTGIVING page for WCB Official Charity or a Charity of my choice.
  4. I give my consent to the collecting, storage and processing of my personal data. I understand my rights under the GDPR data protection rules and that I may withdraw this consent at anytime by emailing info@wcb.ltd.
  5. For WCB to contact me via WhatsApp and email.
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